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  • ARC: US travel agency air ticket sales still down November 16, 2020Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) today reported the following consolidated airline ticketing volume variances, compared to the same period in 2019. These totals represent sales generated by U.S. travel agencies and processed through the ARC settlement system. Data figures are for the seven days ending November 15, 2020. More in-depth, custom data is available from ARC […]

    Harry S. Johnson[1]

  • Cruise Confidence Survey: 87% of US travelers open to cruising November 16, 2020The results of the latest US cruise customer survey were announced today. The new poll of 3,602 US respondents reveals that the vast majority of cruisers do intend on hitting the high seas again, once the pandemic wanes. The survey comes following the expiration of The Centers for Disease Control‘s No Sail Order (NSO), enabling […]

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  • Phenix Jet takes delivery of its first Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft November 16, 2020Phenix Jet has welcomed its first Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft into the management fleet. This beautiful Global 7500 business jet is a first for the management company and it joins a growing number of Global 7500 aircraft in the Asia Pacific region. Since its delivery in March, notwithstanding the global pandemic COVID-19, our Global 7500 […]

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  • Why Andong is the Capital of the Korean Spirit and Cultural Tourism? November 16, 2020Andong City in the Republic of Korea is a city of festivals, culture and tourism. The Mayor of this city is Mr. Young-Sae Kweon. He was the host of the virtual Asian Leadership summit last week by AMFORHT. Andong is a city in South Korea and the capital of North Gyeongsang Province. It is the largest city in the northern part […]

    Juergen T Steinmetz[4]

  • Truth or Dare in Travel and Tourism: Trust – the Final Frontier November 16, 2020Lies are like candies in a candy store, they come in various colors and sizes and offer different experiences. Some lies are motivated by money and greed, other lies are inspired by ego needs. Some people will lie to avoid punishment, others lie for the thrill of getting away with the falsehood, while others lie […]
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