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Greece to Welcome Visitors with Negative Covid-19 Test or a Vaccination Certificate

Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis on Tuesday clarified that Greece this year will be open to all visitors holding either a negative molecular Covid-19 test or a vaccination certificate when entering the country.

“The prerequisite for someone to travel to our country (and stay) will be the negative molecular test or the certificate of vaccination,” Theoharis said, adding that if someone does not want to show their vaccination certificate when entering Greece, they can present a negative coronavirus test.

“In any case, personal data will be protected,” the minister said.

The idea behind travelers holding vaccination certificates is for them to be able to move freely within European countries, without restrictions such as being obliged to undergo Covid-19 testing. On the other hand, unvaccinated citizens will be obliged to present a negative PCR test or antigen test at border points (and possibly undergo quarantine depending on a country’s rules).

List of EU Countries Issuing/Asking for Vaccination Certificates

With more COVID-19 vaccines getting approved, and more people being vaccinated throughout the EU Member States and the Schengen Area Associate countries, the urge to restore travel for those vaccinated has also increased.

The so-called ‘vaccination passports’ or ‘vaccination certificates’ have gained huge attention in the recent weeks, after several of the Member States warned they would start issuing them to their citizens, so those who are vaccinated against COVID-19 have proof of it.

The idea of such documents has been supported even by the European Council, though the latter insists that right now it is too early to decide for what those certificates could be used.

Leaders agreed to work on a standardised and interoperable form of proof of vaccination for medical purposes. Leaders will determine at a later stage in what circumstances these certificates could be used,” the Council noted in a press release of January 21, after the Greek PM brought the issue to the video meeting.

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