Santorini – how many days should you spend exploring?

Santorini – how many days should you spend exploring?

Should we rather ask, “what is the maximum number of days you can spend in Santorini?” Well, the answer is simple – for as long as you possibly can! Try adding two days to your estimated vacation duration. The great thing about Santorini is that the island is small enough for it to be intimate, but there is also so much to do. We would estimate at least five days and four nights to experience everything you need to.

However, regardless of how long you plan on staying, you should definitely look at using a tour guide.

Why do I need a tour guide?
Tour guides are extremely knowledgeable about these locations. They have the expertise to show you everything you need to see on your trip.

The pros of hiring a tour guide include:
• They know where the main attractions are, and the best times to visit them
• They help you avoid massive crowds – Santorini is a tourist destination after all!
• It’s easy to get around when you’ve got someone to guide you
• You’ll spend most of your time exploring unique offerings in and around Santorini
• They know the island and do this for a living – meaning you’ll know everything you want to know…and see everything you want to see!

Whether you’re staying for three days or three weeks, a private tour in Santorini[1] will help you make the most out of your experience. Tell them exactly what you’re interested in seeing – whether it’s history, archeology, or the crystal-clear waters – and they’ll take you care. The ideal visit is one you’re prepared for.

Tour guides also know exactly which spots are ideal for eating, relaxing, and shopping. Let the professionals do their job while you enjoy an amazing island experience.

I’m a first-timer – What should I expect?
Bask in Santorini’s extraordinary views, historical events, and refreshing beaches. There are numerous fishing taverns and local markets selling eatables and souvenirs. The island caters for all types of interests, so you won’t ever feel bored during your stay.

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